Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Police Quiz Principal Over Virginity Test

The Principal of Ajuwon Senior High School a secondary school in Ajuwon Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun state, southwest Nigeria, Rev. Olufunke Oladeojobi has been dragged before the police by parents of students in her school for allegedly carrying out virginity tests on their wards without their consent.

Ayo a pupil of the school said, “We are over 600 in SSS 1 but only about 300 of us are females. Those of us that are virgins are 38 and we were matched into the principal’s office with the assistance of members of staff.

One of the pupils on whom the virginity test was carried out on accused the principal of using her hand to puncture her ‘honey pot’, causing her to lose her virginity instantly. The SS1student burst into tears and decided to inform her parents. Other students also informed their parents who subsequently reported the matter at the Ajuwon police station.

The principal confessed to the police that she carried out the virginity test on the students but with the help of a nurse she invited. She however denied the allegation that she used her hand claiming instead that “egg” was used. 

The police are saying that they might have some problems if (Oladeojobi is to be charged to court for sexual assault because the matter was reported to the police late and no medical examination was immediately done on the affected pupils to use as a proof in the law court.

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