Monday, 22 October 2012

Naked Shoppers Shopping in Germany

What could possibly make a sane person go naked just to have free groceries or food items? Is it poverty, curiosity or the power of free? What would have given the store owners the idea of making such an offer on the grand opening of their store?

The store, located in Süderlügum Germany, a city located at border between Denmark and Germany offered the first hundred shoppers who will come naked free items worth about $276 free.

According to huffingtonpost, more than 200 naked shoppers flocked to the supermarket in hopes of getting some free food items. Even the shop owners were surprised at the number of shoppers that turned out naked just for free food. They had to usher shoppers into the store in a groups of twenty (20) to keep the event under control.

Can you go this far for food?


  1. God forbid, wonders shall never end. Far be it that can"t be hard that man has no shame again, an image created by God, the temple of Most High God to shop necked for the sake of food. My God said He will provide all our needs according to his riches in glory.

  2. They are demonic, and sign of endtime.

  3. The shop owner is an angel of darkness, having the mark of the devil and manifesting it under the guise of free food. The naked shoppers are his demonic agents posed to lure men into his net. These are all signs of the end time. God has succeeded in exposing them. Shoppers beware!


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