Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sperm Extractor For Sperm Donors In China

If you are a sperm donor, this is good news for you. Chinese Researchers at the Zhengzhou Central Hospital have created a sperm extractor to help sperm donors retrieve semen with ease.

This is a hands-free sperm donation machine called “sperm extractor”. It has an adaptable massager that adjusts to the height of the donor’s pelvis. It allows the user to manipulate the temperature, amplitude, frequency and speed according to a report in the times of India. The machine has a display screen and a surround sound system to help donor avoid distraction.

The extractor can be used for donation. Men with fertility issues are mostly going to have it according to Zhu Guoxin, the director of the urology department of the hospital. However, you must use a condom whenever you are using the sperm extractor. The power of technology in action.

Just like having a blood bank, do we have a sperm bank in Nigeria? To the ladies can you donate your eggs if you are asked to?
For you to have this machine be ready to make available $2,800. Did i hear you scream?

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